Hi everyone,

In this post I will mention information and prices of the most often requested custom made planner extra’s that aren’t available on our webshop but are available via email.

We always try to maintain a good balance between offering a great amount of additional options online without overflowing you with too many choices. If we see that there is a high amount of requests via email for a certain additional option we always check whether we can add it to our webshop.

If you would like to add an additional option to your custom made planner that isn’t available online you can always email us at hello@vdsshop.com, since we can make almost anything 😉
Please note that the list below is only showing the most often asked for extra’s, so if your desired extra isn’t in this list, please just email us and we will provide you with information and pricing.

General extra’s

  • Use 2 different colours for the interior of your planner = € 17,50

Changing the pocket lay-out of your planner
Please note that if you want a different lay-out than the normal lay-out (this means making changes, not just adding something) for any of our products, we have to re-draw the patterns. This makes it more expensive even though your alternate lay-out might have less items than the original one. For alternate lay-outs the changes are charged per item.
2 exceptions to this are the ‘Steve-lay-out’ and the ‘Janet Lay-out’. These are asked for a lot and have therefore been standardised into our cutting forms so both of them have a lower complete cost of €35,00.
This only goes for choosing that exact lay-out. If you want to make changes to it then again we have to start from zero and charge per item.


Ring Binders

Junior Senior / Standard & B6 A5
Extra Full height slip pocket facing inside € 17,50 € 20,00 € 22,50
Extra full height slip pocket facing outside € 32,00 € 37,50 € 47,50
Making Planner higher € 37,50 € 47,50  € 57,50
Widening or Slimming your Planner € 22,50 € 25,00 € 27,50
Making Planner lower € 20,00 € 25,00 € 27,50
The ‘Janet’ Lay-out on the left-hand side (no secretarial) Standard €35,-


  • Making left-hand side bottom pocket higher (for Senior & Standard this means that one credit card slot will have to be taken out) = € 40,00
    Adding a bottom pocket to the left-hand side of the junior size = € 20,00



  • Including a Secretarial Flap = €30,00. In this case you have to add a full height slip pocket as well or else you can’t slide in your notebook = € 20,00
  • If you use your insert with a plastic cover over it we you have to increase the height of the Codex by 1cm to make that fit = € 45,00


  • Having 6 elastics instead of 4 (this means including 3 eyelets on the top and 3 on the bottom, to fit 6 elastics) = € 20,00


Pen Loop

  • Change position of Pen Loop = € 15,00
  • Increase (or decrease) size of Pen Loop to fit bigger (or smaller) pens = € 5,00
  • Extra Popper = € 15,00 (this option can only be added if you also decide to increase the length of the clasp by at least 12mm which costs €15,00 as well)

Change Position of Pen Loop

Zipper Pockets

Please note that when you add a zipper pocket to the lay-out, all other pockets on that side will not be included. If you want to include them, there will be an extra cost associated.
  • Flat Zipper Pocket = € 67,50 ( € 57,50 for Junior Size)
  • Gusseted Zipper Pocket = € 77,50 ( € 67,50 for Junior Size)
  • Secretarial Zipper Pocket = € 92,50 ( € 82,50 for Junior Size)