Because I got some emails about this special made codex I thought I’d share it with you guys and also mention the prices 🙂

Codex standard:
€ 158.00
€ 20.00
Pen loop:
€ 15.00
Back pocket:
€ 50.00
Gusseted zipper pocket:
€ 75.00
Extra full height big pocket on top of that:
€ 35.00
Little bottom pocket:
€ 15.00

See the original video here 
Youtube Channel: Marisa R

CODEX Details
Custom Made Codex
Size: Codex Standard
Outside Leather Color: 104 JL brown
Inside Leather Color: 104 JL brown
Additional Features: Clasp, Pen loop, Back pocket, Extra full height pocket, Gusseted zipper pocket, Extra full height big pocket on top of Zipper pocket, extra little bottom pocket