If you love the Touch Me lay-out, but would like to order it in different colours and prints, or perhaps add or change a few additional options to it, in this post I will go through all the specifications and prices for a Custom Made Touch Me Organizer in A5 size (other sizes are covered in a different blog post).
This ‘Custom Made Touch Me’ is only available by emailing me (Petra) via hello@vdsshop.com.

Touch me Custom Made, starting point:
Custom Made A5 Planner
with 25mm rings: € 228.00
Custom Made A5 Planner with 35mm rings: € 232.00

Changes to the layout and costs for each change/addition:

Left hand side layout

  • 1 full height zipper pocket € 57.50
  • 1 full height gusseted slip pocket + 1 full height slip pocket € 45,-
  • 2 bottom pockets € 37.50
  • elasticated leather pen loop (€0 always included in basic lay-out)

Right hand side layout

  • Secretarial flap € 37.50
  • Bottom pocket € 27.50
  • Full height pocket € 20.00
  • 6 Credit card slots € 30.00
  • elasticated leather pen loop (€0 always included in basic lay-out)

The last item to be added to create the TM Custom Made lay-out is the Big back pocket € 62.50

Our Touch Me line is created in advance in a few models and a few colours in larger batches in collaboration with our partner ateliers.
In order for us to create a custom made version of the same lay-out, we need to do everything at the moment, 1 by 1, which is more time consuming.
That is the reason why a custom made version of the Touch Me lay-out is more costly.
There is one difference between the A5 Touch Me lay-out and the A5 TM Custom Made look-a-like, and that is that on the left-hand side, the look-a-like doesn’t have a secretarial flap.


You can also decide to choose only a few of these options and/or add additional options to your own liking 🙂

Happy planning!
The VDS Team