In this post we will explain the different types of leathers we offer.
All the leathers we use are full grain leather, top quality! We do not treat our leathers.
If you aren’t sure yet which leathers to choose for your VDS Planner, you can always order our leather samples first.

Leather skins come from cattle that live in the open air and under various conditions. So the leather is subject to all kinds of natural defects like neck pleats, traces of veins etc. These cannot be avoided in the tanning process. Of course we try to avoid natural marks in the selection process so we get the best result for your finished product. But keep in mind that it is a natural product which actually gives it its charm! 🙂
All the hides we use for our leathers are sourced from animals that are used for the food industry.

In this video Petra also discusses the different characteristics of the VDS stock leathers:

Italian leather:
A firm, smooth surface with some neck-grains and medium-shiny leather. All the leathers you can find on our webshop that start with number #18 are Italian leathers. They are full-grain finished leathers and are easy to keep clean. These leathers are hand dyed, which gives the leather different colour shades. The leather is made from the neck and front legs of the cow (also called avancorpi) which gives the hide a beautiful natural grain.


NAPPA leather:
Nappa is a soft and supple full-grain cow hide leather. Leather 6208 Cuoio is a NAPPA leather that is also known as naked leather. There is no finish on this leather. It has a two tone effect on the hide. It is more natural looking, but please note that it is more sensitive to water and dirt.

The other NAPPA leathers do have a finish and the skins are always in a more overall equal colour (no two-tone effect). The finish means it is easier to clean and makes them more durable.


Janet leather:
Thick, firm, natural grain, smooth and pebbly parts, delicious smell, rich leather. These full-grain cow hide leathers from Tuscany, Italy cost 10% more than all the others due to the special vegetable tanning process that is applied to them. In this video  you can find more information about vegetable tanned leathers.

The original Janet leather is 104 – JL Brown. This leather is sensitive to water and dirt since it does not have any finish, just an open structure. Therefore you have to love leather that will change and get a patina look as well.

· Afterwards we introduced 102 – JL Dark Brown, 105 – JL Black, 106 JL Mustard Yellow, 107 JL Olive Green, 108 – JL Red, 109 – JL Burgundy. They are less sensitive to water and dirt.

· 110 – JL Undyed. This leather is very sensitive to everything you can think of and the color will change over time.

· 111 – JL Velvet Sand & 112 – JL Velvet Undyed have a nice and soft nubuck finish. It is also more sensitive due to this type of finish.

The latest additions to the JL leather family are the ‘lighter JL colours’: JL Iris, JL Cobalto, and JL Cenere. These leathers We have 3 more of these JL leathers available as a waiting list leather: JL Violet, JL Rosa, and JL Cipria.


For these beautiful light JL colours no oil is used in the tanning process, therefore they can be made in lighter colours. These hides have pebbly and smooth parts, but no extremes of both. Just as with the other JL Leathers, they patina over time and are sensitive to stains.


Touch Me leather:
Touch Me leathers all start with ‘TM’ in their name. This leather is made with beautiful and durable full-grain buffalo leather from France. Next to our Custom Made Collection, we also offer these leathers in our ‘Touch Me‘ ready-made collection.

Print leather:
Print leathers are leathers like Croco and Ostrich. They are full-grain cow leathers with a Croco or Ostrich print. They’re all very durable and easy to clean.
(We offer Real Ostrich and Croco on special request. For more information on Real Ostrich, click here. For Real Croco you can email us at


Velvet Croco Leather:
They are full-grain cow leathers with a croco print. They have a two-tone color effect and soft matte nubuck finish. We have them in two colours: Sakura Croco and Stardust Croco.


Nubuck Leather:
VDS Nubuck is made with top-grain premium quality French bull leather from the same Tannery as our TM leather. You can expect the same type of grain texture and pebbly&smooth parts as our TM leathers but with a smooth touch. This Nubuck leather is resilient to water and stains and has minimal patina.
We currently offer it in one beautiful colour: Nubuck Écume.