We added an entire new leather to our stock leathers: VDS Nubuck.

It is currently available in the colour ‘Écume’: a beautiful sage green colour. Calming to the eye and soft to the touch.
Available now for all Custom Made items and as a leather sample.

VDS Nubuck is made with top-grain premium quality French bull leather from the same Tannery as our TM leather. You can expect the same type of grain texture and pebbly&smooth parts as our TM leathers but with a smooth touch. This Nubuck leather is resilient to water and stains and has minimal patina.

I’m attaching the complete Nubuck colour card. If people want to start a waiting list leather by themselves, please keep in mind that they only have the thickness of 1.6/1.8mm in stock (our Écume is 2.0/2.2mm) so the hide will have mostly smooth parts.

How does it work?
· You need to find 10 people in total for me to be able to order 1 hide of Nubuck.
· Once you find 10 people, please email me via hello@vdsshop.com and let me know the names and emails of all the people on your list.
· I will then contact the Tannery to ask if the colour is in stock.
· If the colour is in stock I will email everyone on the list and let them know how to place their order.

If you have any further questions just let me know via hello@vdsshop.com.