In this post we will walk you through the process and possibilities of ordering a planner, or any other custom made VDS product, made with real Ostrich leather.
(The ostrich prints that we offer on our webshop are always made from cow hides with an ostrich print.)


We do not have any real ostrich in stock, but we can order them 1 hide at a time. With one hide you can make either one A5 planner, or two planners of any smaller size, with all the additional options that you would like to add. For 2 organizers people generally order a hide together with a friend or another person found via eg. our private facebook group.
Please note that we can only buy these hides for ‘full quill’ orders.


Here you can see an Ostrich hide with all its different parts:


How to order a real Ostrich planner?
If you are interested in ordering a real Ostrich planner, please email me (Petra) via for all your questions, as well as to start the process of ordering it.
This is the color card showing all real ostrich leather colours that we can offer:


What are the costs?
The exact cost of any planner on our webshop in real ostrich depends on the size, but to give you an example, our Custom Made Standard 30mm Rings would cost €625,00.
For any additional options you can take the price that is listed on our website and multiply it x 2.5.
When your order has been placed, we order the hide for you. The total waiting time (until shipment) from the moment you have placed your order is around 5 weeks.


If you have any further questions regarding planners made with special hides, you can always send me an email via


The VDS Team