For all information about VDS Real Ostrich planners, please check our Real Ostrich Page.
Here you can see all the current stock of Less Quill Pieces.


We do not have any real ostrich in stock, but we can order them 1 hide at a time.
With one hide we can make either:
* one A5 planner (full quill both in and out. You cannot order a hide if you only want to use the leather for either inside or outside leather. Also, it has to be full quill).
* or two planners of any smaller size, with all the additional options that you would like to add. Again, this only goes for full quill orders and for using this leather both for the inside and the outside).
For 2 organizers people generally order a hide together with a friend or another person found via eg. our private facebook group.


Please note that we can only buy these hides for ‘full quill’ orders. We cannot accept orders nor order hides for less quill. The only way to get a less quill planner is with what is left of the hide once the full quill planners have been made.


Here you can see an Ostrich hide with all its different parts:


Real Ostrich Colour Card:
What do the Abbreviations on the colour card with regards to the Finish mean?

SF – Saddle Finish
MF – Metallic Finish
MFY – Metallic Finish Yellow
CF – Classic Finish
IRR – Iridescent Finish Red
IRB – Iridescent Finish Blue
IRY – Iridescent Finish Yellow



Classic Finish (CF)
Classic Finish is a full grain semi-matte, pigmented finish with natural grain pattern. The high concentration of pigment used in this finish might cover less visible marks. A very high level of colour consistency is achieved on an individual skin as well as overall on skins in a dye batch. The leather has a monotone colour with high light fastness.


Iridescent (IR)
A drum dyed leather gets lightly finished with an iridescent application that creates a soft, pearly monotone colour. Perfect for evening accessories, giving a softer metallic finish. Iridescent applications are done in blue, red and yellow and can be applied to a selection of finishes as an additional effect.


Saddle Finish (SF)
Saddle Finish leather is a drum dyed aniline leather with a light finish that is polished to accentuate the natural grain pattern. The leather has a lively, silky sheen and soft, dry feel. This finish creates a two-tone colour effect. The final leather is relatively sensitive to direct light exposure and skin colour can change over time. It will age normally, developing a beautiful patina and taking on more character in the process.


Metallic Finish (MF)

Metallic Finish is a full grain, pigmented metallic finish that is applied on body and leg skins. A high level of colour consistency is achieved when applying this method. The metallic finish can be either silver, gold or bronze and creates a monotone metallic final leather look with a high light fastness.


If you have any further questions regarding planners made with special hides, you can always send me an email via


The VDS Team