We recently received a request for a beautiful ‘Special’ Nomad (Travelers Notebook) in Touch Me Noir that we wanted to share with you.
It can only be ordered by emailing us at website@vdslederwaren.nl

Nomad Complete € 178,00
Left hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 2 vertical creditcard pockets | 2 horizontal slip pockets.
Right hand side: 1 secretarial flap |1 horizontal slip pocket | elasticated leather pen loop

Leather outside and inside: TM Noir
Stitching outside and inside: TM Noir

Extra options added to it:
Back pocket € 50,00
Clasp € 25,00
Right hand side:
Lower bottom pocket (instead of horizontal slip pocket) € 15,00
6 creditcard pockets € 30,00
Full height slip pocket € 17,50

All these lovely images are from inkimperfections.