Van der Spek Meet Up 2016

It was very pleasant to welcome 10 guests to our workshop this last weekend to see how we create our leather products.

The ‘meet up’ was organised by Steve Morton of the Philofaxy site. philofaxy

Steve has many years experience of organising similar types of events in UK and other countries. This was the second such event that Van der Spek had hosted.

All of the people knew each other via the Van der Spek Facebook Group, but meeting face to face is so much nicer and we got to know them as well.

Some of the group met on the Friday evening for an informal meal and to get themselves in to the mood of the weekend. People came from the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States to attend our meet up. Most came on their own, but a few people brought along their partners. It was a great evening at Vapiano’s  🙂


Vapiano 2016


The event on the Saturday was the main thing everyone had come for and we had some informal introductions and people met other members of the Van der Spek team.

We took the opportunity of this event to announce some new products and new leathers for existing products.



We already have the NOMAD standard for 210x110mm and we added to this model range:

NOMAD Junior for 140x90mm notebooks (Field Notes and Moleskine Pocket):


Basic version (Cover):

€ 70.00

Left hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 2 vertical credit card pockets | 1 horizontal slip pocket

€ 40.00

Right hand side: 1secretarial flap | 1 horizontal slip pocket

€ 30.00

Elasticated leather pen loop on the right hand side

€ 15.00


NOMAD Junior



We already have the CODEX for A5 210x148mm and A6 148x105mm and we have added:

CODEX Standard this is compatible with 186x96mm Hobonichi weeks


Standard cover:

€ 150.00

Left hand side: 1 full height slip pockets | 6 horizontal credit card pockets | 1 small bottom pocket. Right hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 1 bottom pocket

Additional options:


€ 20.00


€ 20.00

Pen loop:

€ 15.00


CODEX standard for Hobonichi weeks




TOUCH ME collection:

We have added the NOMAD in the complete version with:

Left hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 2 vertical credit card pockets | 2 horizontal slip pockets. Right hand side: 1 secretarial flap | 1 horizontal slip pocket | elasticated leather pen loop

We have found the perfect leather for the Touch Me collection, which will be available in 4 colours.

Of course I need the help of you all to decide on the colours! There will be a poll on Facebook this week to vote, so no colour is decided yet! After the colours are finalised it will take some time before they are available online. We guess around August / September.

In addition to new leather colours, by popular request, we have also up graded the Touch Me Junior model from a 16 mm to a 20 mm ring mechanism.




We were very pleased with the reactions of the group at the meeting and Steve was busy all day sharing the details of the announcements on the Facebook group as well. So you can have a look there: vanderspekorganiserfans