In this post we will go over the lay-out and options for the VDS Hybrid between the Codex and the Nomad: Nodex.

The base for the model is any size of the Codex (Hobonichi Cover), to which we add 4 elastic strings in the middle to be able to include 4 Traveler’s Notebooks in it as well.

For this example I will take the Nodex Standard Size in the images and price outline:

Codex Standard: € 204,00
Left hand side: 1 full height slip pockets | 6 horizontal credit card pockets | 1 small bottom pocket.
Right hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 1 bottom pocket | 1 elasticated leather penloop.
Including a Clasp closing.

The following 2 options can be selected as ‘additional options’.
* 4 elastic strings (for 4 notebooks): € 30,00
* Big Back Pocket € 52,50

Leather in the images: Janet Leather Black outside & inside with matching stitching.
(Please note that the base price of any planner made with Janet Leather has a price increase of 10%. This price increase is only for the planner, extra options added to it have no price increase.)