Dear VDS Fans,
As mentioned before, we have been checking shipping options due to the high costs of shipping that we are incurring. The outcome is that we are staying with Fedex, but there will be some changes in the shipping rates that we charge our customers.
We have to increase the rates for our customers a bit, but we will remain incurring part of the high shipping costs ourselves.

📨 New Shipping Rates as of March 1 for track&trace packages (envelope package rates remain the same)

🌍 The Netherlands (NO CHANGE): € 7.50 excl. VAT

🌍 EU countries (NO CHANGE): € 17.50 excl. VAT

🌎 United States, Canada & Great Britain: € 21.50

🌏 Rest of the world: € 29.50
–> Please note that due to the extremely high shipping costs that we are charged for this category of countries (‘Rest of the world’), track&trace shipments for ‘Rest of the World’ countries require a minimum order amount of € 100,-. We apologize for the inconvenience.

⭐️ Free shipping on all orders above € 400,-