In the customization process of our Custom Made Ring Organizers you will be asked whether you want to include stiffener in your organizer.
Stiffener is used to make the organizer more firm.


If you select YES, we will add a cardboard based piece in between the outside and inside leather.
If you select NO, we will still add something in between the outside and inside leather, but it will be Bontex based, which is more flexible than the cardboard.


For the majority of leathers you will get an open frame inserted in between the outside and inside leather.
If the leathers you have chosen for outside and inside leather is Nappa leather, we add a full Bontex piece to it because the softness of the nappa leather would otherwise make the organizer too floppy.
* Please note that if you want a full Bontex frame for your Custom Made Ring Planner, please mention this in your product or order notes. Otherwise you will get an open Bontex frame (only outside and inside Nappa leathers always get a full Bontex frame).


Our Nomad and Codex products always automatically have the full Bontex piece added in between the leather.


Here you can see the different stiffener options explained by Mr. Philofaxy Steve Morton: