Dear VDS Fans,

We hereby want to inform you about a price increase that will be implemented on January 2, 2023.

We strive to maintain the same prices for as long as possible, but in the last year our costs have increased considerably. We will therefore have to implement a price increase of 6% on our products. The price of all additional options will remain the same.

Shipping costs have increased substantially over the last year and in various cases even tripled, depending on the country. We have so far incurred this increase ourselves but this is unfeasible to maintain.
We are currently negotiating with various carriers to see what we can do about the situation and will inform you as soon as possible about any possible changes to our shipping rates and options.

We are always primarily committed to creating premium quality products for you as well as providing you with personal and devoted customer service and we thank you very much for supporting our family business.

Thank you for your understanding.
The VDS Team