If you ever want to change your ring mechanism, for example from Silver to Gold or vice versa, here is a video by our planner guru and friend Steve Morton.
Please keep in mind that you can only change rings made for the same type and size of organizer.

For our Senior Custom Made you could switch between 20mm and 25mm and for our Standard Custom Made planner you could switch between 25mm and 30mm, but we don’t advise to do it since the backplate and spine are always a bit different for each size of rings.
In case you do decide to change, it is always easier to move from a bigger to a smaller size. If you move from smaller to bigger you have to keep in mind that the planner’s backplate and spine have more pressure on them with the bigger rings. Here you can see the difference in sizes of the backplates for our Custom Made organizers:



For our Touch Me organizers you can change your rings from silver to gold and vice versa. For our Junior (=Pocket), A6, and Standard (=Personal) size you can also change the rings between the different sizes we offer, since they have the same backplate, however, we do not recommend this, since we cannot guarantee that it will be done correctly instead of damaging the rings or planner.
PS. For Touch Me organizers the popper is always silver, also if you pick gold rings for it.