Hi everyone,

If you like using Franklin Covey or Personal Wide inserts for your binder we have good news!
We offer the corresponding planner sizes in our Custom Made Collection.
Personal size is equal to VDS Standard Size, available with 13, 25, and 30 mm rings.

Our great friend and planner guru Steve Morton created this table on his philofaxy blog, showing the page sizes of the ‘Personal’ range, and their additional width in mm from the Standard size (= Personal).

Page Size    Personal (= VDS Standard)
Paper Size  171 x 95 mm (+/- 6.73 x 3.74 inches)

Page Size    Franklin Covey
Paper Size  172 x 108 mm (+/- 6.73 x 4.25 inches)
Additional Planner Width (+mm) 13 mm (+/- 0.51 inches)

Page Size    Personal ‘Wide’
Paper Size  172 x 121 mm (+/- 6.77 x 4.76 inches)
Additional Planner Width (+mm)  26 mm (+/- 1.02 inches)


We calculate the mm for a closed planner, so eg. 13mm extra means 26mm flat open (13mm extra on each side) added next to the ring mechanism.
Here is a link to our Standard (= personal) 30mm rings Custom Made Planner.
Underneath the basic planner options in the link you will find the ‘Additional Options’ to add to the planner. The second last option there is ‘Custom Widening’, where you select how many mm you would like to add to your planner.

Next to that, to accommodate the extra width in your widened planner, you can also choose to add 2 extra slip pockets to your planner. The cost for this additional option is €40,00.

Here you can see and example of a Standard Widened Planner we made (with the additional options of a Big Back Pocket and a Secretarial Flap on the right side).

PS. This only increases the width of your planner. If you would like to increase the height as well you can email us on hello@vdsshop.com and we will create a ‘special’ order for you.


Happy planning!