NOTE: This post was about the pre-sale sign-up for our new Touch Me Collection (ready-made ring binders) that went online in August 2019. You can find this collection here.


Hi everyone,

We are all very excited about the 3 new Touch Me Colors Parme, Perle, and Poussiere. The wait until August 19 is still long… and we want to make sure that after this long wait everyone will be able to get the product(s) they have been waiting for.

Therefore we decided to create this Touch Me Pre-Sale Waiting list.
Please fill out the form below to let us know which items you would like to purchase.
This will guarantee that you can purchase the items of your choice (so there is NO possibility of them being sold-out) and on top of that, you get to buy them 3 days before the official launch date.

* You can select as many options as you like.
* If you would like to order more than one of the same item, please include this information in the ‘message’ section.
* There is no payment related to be added to this Pre-Sale list. You will pay for your item(s) once you actually buy them on our webshop.

The VDS Touch Me Products are ready-made, and will be available in these 4 sizes.
Click on the link of each item to see the lay-out, size, and specifications:
Touch Me Junior  (= Pocket Size)
Touch Me Senior
Touch Me Standard (= Personal Size)
Touch Me A5

We will email you August 16 with an exclusive Touch Me Pre-Sale link where you can buy your Touch Me in the color(s) and size(s) of your choice. This link will remain active from August 16 to August 18. After that you would have to go to our normal webshop Touch Me section to purchase these products. Once the products on our normal webshop are sold-out it will take a few months again to restock them.
If you have any questions about this, please email us at
You can apply for this Pre-Sale list until May 31. We will email everyone that is on the list one month before the products become available as a reminder 🙂