Hi everyone,

I’m creating this post to explain what VDS Touch Me stands for, since we use it both as a name for our Collection as well as a type of leather.

Let’s start with the leather. Our Touch Me (or TM) leathers are made with beautiful and durable full-grain buffalo leather from France. The reason we call them ‘Touch Me’ leathers is because they are so soft and supple, something that is really nice to touch 🙂
They are easy to (keep) clean, don’t patina over time and the hides have both smooth and pebbly parts.

Our Touch Me (or TM) Collection is our handmade ready-made Collection. These items are ready to ship, therefore they don’t allow for customizations (except for gold rings, flyleaf, zippercase, and embossing). We called this Collection ‘Touch Me’ since we only make them in a few of our Touch Me leathers. Currently this collection is available in ring-bound planners of the sizes Junior (= Pocket), A6, Standard (= Personal), and A5.
Our Touch Me Collection items have the iconic Big Back Pocket and the Full Height Gusseted Zipper Pocket, as well as a very complete layout of pockets and credit card slots. The layout varies slightly with each size. You can see each layout explained in image and video in the links I added to each size mentioned above.

At the end of this year we will be adding a new size to our Touch Me Collection: Standard Wide (= Personal Wide) as well as 2 new leather colours: Beige Croco and Stardust Croco.
These 2 leathers are NOT ‘Touch Me’ leathers.
* Beige Croco is an Italian full-grain cow leather with a semi shiny croco print. It’s very durable and easy to clean. The leather texture for this leather is the same for each hide, so there are no smooth or pebbly parts.
* Stardust Croco is an Italian full-grain cow leather with a croco print. It has a two-tone color effect and soft matte nubuck finish. Because of the nubuck finish it is more sensitive to dirt and marks. The leather texture for this leather is the same for each hide, so there are no smooth or pebbly parts.

The Touch Me Collection in these 2 new croco leathers are a little bit higher in price because there is more leather loss in the cutting of each item, since they have to have a specific pattern (large scales on the outer sections of the planner, small scales on the inner sections of the planner + all the parts of the inner layout have to be in line to match this scaling). This matching of the pattern is also more time consuming.

These are all the leather colours of our Touch Me Collection. The top 5 colours are Touch Me (TM) leathers.

Our Touch Me Collection is created in collaboration with our partner atelier in India. My father set up the atelier there 30 years ago – providing the machinery and training the people. We also visit the atelier and oversee the creation process. The leather for the Touch Me items is shipped from our leather tannery partner in France (and the croco leathers from Italy) and the items come back to our atelier in The Netherlands for the finishing, the insertion of the rings, and the quality check before shipping them out to you.
Our Touch Me items are more economic in price than our Custom Made items, since they are ready-made in large batches together with our partner atelier, while our Custom Made items are made to order with the specific choices of each customer – exclusively in our atelier in The Netherlands.