Hi guys,

Sine I have many questions about the real ostrich I will explain how it works with ordering a real ostrich.

There are 60 colors of ostrich you can choose from. But there is one thing. We only order the skin when I know it’s sold! haha 😉
So you can buy 1 piece of an A5 size or you have to find a friend if you want to buy a smaller size. Like a standard size with a junior size.
Or some orders are a standard size with ostrich inside and outside and only one outside leather in real ostrich with another leather on the inside.
Depends a little of what will be combined in one hide…… and I will see if it’s enough 🙂

Below you see some production pictures. So you see we can only cut 1 A5 size out of one hide. We try to cut as many bumps as possible!

If you like to order send me an email: website@vdslederwaren.nl 🙂

X Petra