A few leathers are not available on our webshop since there is a waiting list for ordering VDS products with these leathers: TM Bois de Rose, and Rosa Croco.
The waiting list for each of these leathers is 6 weeks from the moment you are added to the list.

  1. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for one or more of these leathers, please send me (Petra) an email via hello@vdsshop.com.
  2. I will email you back to confirm that I have added you to the list.
  3. Once your turn comes up I will email you again to let you know that you can place your order.

If you would like to get a good look and feel of the leather before deciding, you can order samples of these waiting list leathers.
They aren’t visible in the samples, but please just select a random colour(s) and then mention in the order notes which waiting list color(s) samples you would like to receive.

Here is an image of the leathers, please keep in mind that the images will not completely match the reality of the colors.


Other leathers that currently have a waiting list:

I need 8 people in total before I can order these leathers:
Navy Croco, Melanzana Croco, Beige Croco.

Navy Croco


Beige Croco



I need 6 people in total before I can order these leathers:
TM Hortensia, TM Flanelle, TM Irlande, TM Rose, TM Amandine and JL Dark Brown.

TM Hortensia

TM Irlande

TM Amandine



Here are all the waiting list leathers together: